Rider Education

Rider Education Purpose and Goals

The purpose and goals of the GWRRA Missouri District Rider Education Program are: 

Increased rider knowledge
Increased rider safety skills
Prevention of accidents
Reduced injuries
Reduced fatalities
Improved general public image of motorcyclists
Enhanced enjoyment of motorcycle riding
Enhanced motorcycle safety through Motorist Awareness public presentations

Levels Program
Helmet Info
Trailer Checklist
MSF Website

National Reports on Training and Activities

There are two “categories” of items that we are supposed to report on: Training, and Activities (rides, meetings, outings, etc.)

Training” are things like a MFA class (for CPR and F/A training), or an On-Bike training course (like a Trike Riders Course), or a Safety Seminar (like we offered at Spring Fling), and all those should be accompanied by a roster of the participants, so they get the attendance reported to the Rider Education Program database for credit. I can glean the number of participants from the rosters.  The rosters should be sent to me via e mail or snail mail.

The “Activities” are things like dinner rides, day rides, Chapter social gatherings (including monthly meetings), example: Chapter I Fun Run,  Chapter Z Fall Festival, etc!  I don’t need to know how many people attended, just the fact that “some GW people” got together and had fun.

Rider Education Coordinator
Jerry & Sally Rothermich
Rider Education Assistant Coordinator
Marty Hall
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