Membership Enhancement

Membership Enhancement Coordinators (MEC)

Prospective Member Letter and Map

Member Enhancement has played a large part in our GWRRA life. We have been hooked on Member Enhancement even before we were chosen as our Chapter Couple of the Year. What does Member Enhancement involve? Finding others who ride motorcycles and getting them to join GWRRA, keeping everyone informed of what’s going on through newsletters, email, phone calls or personal contact, providing ways for everyone to have fun, acknowledging those who go above and beyond the norm, but most of all getting others to PARTICIPATE in the FUN GWRRA has to offer.

The word “enhance” means to make greater, heighten or add to. That’s what the Member Enhancement Division has — ideas to help you make your chapter life greater, heighten your experience in GWRRA and adding to your family those friends you meet along the way.

We encourage you to visit the accompanying links. If you can’t find just the right thing here, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help you along with the rest of the District Team.

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