Marlene Cloude
2016 Missouri District Individual of the Year


Marlene Cloude's Story 

My full blown, official introduction to the Goldwing family took place in the Fall of 2000, when my late husband, Roger, and I attended the Southern Illinois Ride In -  an annual, do not miss, weekend event packed full of camping, riding, food, activities and friendship. If you have ever attended the SIRI or a major GWRRA rally or event, you know what Iím talking about. After that start, life in the fast lane only got better!

On Goldwing, I have ridden in all 50 states and a few Canadian provinces too. In my opinion, traveling anywhere on a motorcycle is the only way to go.  I also ride around town on a Vino 125 cc that gets 90 mpg. I have been a continuous member of GWRRA since 2000.

While long distance riding is wonderful, the local involvement with GWRRA and Chapter MO-I and all the participants, (also known as family), is reality. Having friends on a daily basis that you can go on a ride with, join up with for dinner, participate in local events and events with other GWRRA Chapters with, and lean on and rely on when your path isnít the open highway, is why I keep coming back for more.

I have a married son, who lives in New York and I am eagerly awaiting the time that I will join others in the ranks of being a grandmother. I am a cat person, though I never knew this until one was introduced into my life many years ago.

What a difference a year makes! I have big shoes to fill and I hope I measure up. Thank you for the honor of being the GWRRA District 2016 Individual of the Year.

Thank you,

Marlene Cloude